Thursday, September 20, 2007

never a dull moment

The day started early. I ran errends and stopped at the studio to bring home a bunch of fabric. I knew I would be home this afternoon waiting for Dr. Furnace to do winter checkup on our heating - and for the roof guy to come and see if there is a problem AGAIN. I figured I'd be able to do something creative while I waited. Ha!

Instead, my new neighbor who moved in yesterday, discovered zillions of gigantic carpenter ants in the railroad ties between our units. Welcome to the neighborhood. So glad I was home for this event. The exterminator probably won't be here till Monday and the ties seem to be going to sawdust. I believe the tree is infested and this is, for me, good news because the tree has to come down! I am prepared for a fight with the management company. So much for my work with fabric this afternoon.

However, I managed to play a little bit tonight - traditional though these may be - I needed some no-brainer work. I have so much hand-printed fabric and even more commercial fabric, so I decided to see how I could use them together. It was a challenge and I'm done for tonight.


Judy said...

Those ants must be driving you crazy Rayna! LOL, but sympathetically! I remember how you hated the lady bug invasion at Campbell last Fall.
When you have a chance, check out my latest screenprinting on my blog. I think you may just have unleashed a monster here! Teehee!!


Rayna said...

The exterminator was here today: don't ask.

Russ Little said...

After the recent discussion about working in a series I've been thinking more about shapes and images the resonate with me. One that I keep coming back to is squares: regular, irregular, spiral, etc. The quilt blocks you created have been in my head for days, and now here they are on your blog. I gasped then laughed out loud when I saw them. What a joy to see something so personal and beautiful appear out of nowhere. Thank you.

lizzieb said...

sometimes we just do what we gotta do....You sound very busy and a little worn out...ah, parents!

Lorraine said...

Oh I'm afraid we have c. ants yet again. What devilish destroyers.

As to mixing commercial and hand done fabrics -- cool!

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