Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ok, ok, OK!

I admit it: I am obsessed with ovens, cabinets, fridges, and godknowswhatelse that has to do with kitchens. So instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing (like paying bills or making art) I am reading the GardenWeb Kitchen and Appliance Forums 22 hours a day. (Well, I exaggerate, but not by much.)
As a result of all this obsession, I have a lot of catching up to do. Yesterday morning,when I went out to retrieve the NY Times, I ran into a convention in front of the house. Bored by the long-winded blather of the meeting, some of the attendees had wandered off onto lawns en route back to the woods. I couldn't resist the juxtaposition of these scary creatures and the civilized surroundings.

Today, after filling out a lot of paperwork on my mother's behalf, I suddenly found that my body would not move from the chair; I was depleted and needed to just stay here. Fortunately, my friend Rachel came over to rescue me from oblivion this afternoon. She brought her latest gorgeous in-process piece that she is HAND-STITCHING and in return, I showed her my latest piece that I am machine-quilting and struggling with. We had tea out the veranda and when we came inside for one thing, we got sidetracked with pulling my hand-printed pieces and auditioning commercial fabrics to see what would happen. Not a lot happened other than a chaotic mess on my floor which we cleaned up. But when we looked at the clock, we realized that 3 hours had flown while we played with fabrics on the wall.

By that time, of course, I was too exhausted from all of this activity to make dinner and expended my energies instead, to change my clothes and drive five miles in each direction so we could eat and drink without my having to cook. Will make up for it tomorrow, of course.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Love the photo of the scary creatures. Does it happen often? Its good sometimes to go through work with a trusted friend.....ideas will spring from the encounter at a time you least expect.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I was amused to learn that the young male turkeys are called "Jakes" and don't get to be "Toms" until their beards grow in.

Rayna said...

Maggie - it happens almost every day around here. They are nasty, they bark and bite, and I have been captive in my own home when they were gathered right outside my door. EEEEK.

Yes, I did get some good ideas yesterday - now if I only had the time...

Anonymous: what do they call the females?

Deirdre said...

Hi Rayna- one good thing about the turkey's are that they eat ticks and bugs that carry Lyme disease and other icky things - My husband actually has an automatic feeder for them so that they stay in the area.
:-D eirdre

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