Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a day behind

Or is it two? Life has sped by in the past two days - full classes, hurried lunches, lovely dinners out in some of Wayne's good (and not-so-good) eating spots. Janet Lasher and Marina Salume were enjoying their dinners Monday night, and so were the rest of us.
This place was so terrific we went back the next night. Any guesses about what this fabulous dish is?

All kinds of good fun going on in the other classrooms - and certainly in mine. Considering that the students ranged from super-experienced to never having done any surface design, everybody turned out some remarkable pieces of cloth. Christine Wellman
Maryann Stewart
Wendy Anderson, who is an expert on digital printing at Philadelphia University but wanted to do some actual printing by HAND...

Margo Clyma, who had not done screen printing before.

Yesterday we discussed everybody's work and brainstormed about whether a particular piece needed more or was done, was a whole-cloth piece or could easily be cut up, etc. Lots of food for thought. Then we went on and got out the soy wax. Some people stayed with paint, others used dyes.

Off to class - more later.


Karoda said...

that 2nd piece was a wow moment for me!!! definitely would keep it whole cloth!

Rayna said...

Exactly how I responded, karoda. One I wish I'd made.

Gerrie said...

One and two are both rather wow!! Nice work.

Judy said...

Great pieces! Brings back pleasant memories of our week at Campbell.


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