Sunday, April 13, 2008

idling in neutral

Intrigued by the results that came out of the shibori classes at Breaking New Ground and sorry that I had not been able to take them, I decided to do some experimenting of my own with clamping. Here are a couple of the results from yesterday's experiments. Forgive the fuzzy pictures, I just couldn't get the camera to hold still. This was a hideous piece of orange fabric. The dark dye is a combination of whatever I had lying around - black, chino, and one of the reds. I like the way they broke down and I obviously need to do more of this.This started as white fabric. I forgot about it till a few minutes ago, when I tooked it out of the dye bath. My camera can't seem to focus tonight. After having spent two weeks with my friend Marlene who was here visiting from England, I realized that we hadn't taken a picture of the two of us. So, just before we left for the airport I handed the camera to Marty, who snapped this picture.We had spent the entire day at home in the basement, screening, dyeing, working with soy wax, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The above pieces were what I managed to get done.

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Judy said...

Love the clamping! I need to drag mine out and give them a whirl!


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