Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New fabrics from Helene Davis

Now that Paducah's gearing up for the big show, it's time for you to visit Helene Davis' new site. You'll find the latest scoop on Helene, her fabrics, her quilts, and her awards, from her biggest fan -- an artist in his own right. Aha - I see that Helene and Bob have been doing shibori - and from the details, I can see that they are unique! I got to Helene's new website from this post on a really interesting blog from another Paducah artist. Wish I could be there - but I'm doing my usual 300 things between teaching trips and still dealing with the kitchen. Right now I am stuck in the basement waiting for the first two coats of polyurethane to dry on the first floor. Back later.

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