Tuesday, April 29, 2008


For those of you who have asked about my kitchen, here are a couple of pictures. We're in, we love it and are actually using it, but it still isn't done. It is very easy to keep neat and clean: notice the relatively uncluttered counters. Of course, all the 5 billion pencils and batteries and staple removers and rubber bands and crap , along with god-knows-what papers and mail and user manuals for appliances I no longer own, are all still downstairs in the basement. Shall I throw them out without looking? Can't do that.I won't even mention the cartons of glasses and pots and baking pans and blah blah blah that are also still downstairs in the guest room. But we have guests coming in June, so I will have to do something. But what?? I am getting along just fine, bringing things up one at a time as I realize I need to use them.

Of course, the kitchen won't be finished till the backsplash is done - my continuing saga, which nobody wants to hear about. Even I am throwing my hands up in despair.

Yesterday, back at the studio(yes, Tall Girl, twice in one week) my studio mates suggested I take one of my fabrics and have it made into tiles. Great idea, but I'd have to intersperse them with bought ones because it is somewhat pricey to make your work into 25 sq. ft of tile. So last night I brought home a couple of pieces to audition them for color. These two have that blue-gray, plus the other end of the spectrum. I am really needing warm colors in that cool kitchen. It is a serene place, but it needs some punch! Too much serenity will do me in - LOL.

Today I worked on a slide presentation and finished my article just in time for the deadline. Tomorrow morning, off I go again, fabrics in hand. And then, I expect to be back in the studio, where there is good light. Anyway, the rent is due.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna-- somehow your feed dropped off my rss and I've missed hearing your news. The kitchen looks great. I LOVE the tile idea. Susie

Gerrie said...

It looks fantastic. I second Terry's recommendation to check out Pratt and Larson here in Portland. They have wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...


Judy said...

Yes, I'm with Susie about your blog being dropped off of my feed too! It suddenly dawned on me that I wasn't hearing from you! ;-/

LOVE the way your kitchen has turned out...and the tile idea is too cool!


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