Friday, October 23, 2009

back to work!

Came home to this glorious color and this morning, shot it with my iPhone, just to see how the resolution would turn out.  Not bad.

I finally got my quilts off to the San Jose Museum yesterday, overnight mail:-(...that's what I get for being a slowpoke.  Meantime, I have quilts scattered all over my sewing room, which is not at its worst but not at its best, either.  Do I need to straighten it before I leave for the studio? Nah.

I dyed a pile of scarves yesterday as a base for whatever it is I do with them.  We have open studios at 66 Franklin Street on November 15 and I hope to have a pile of scarves to sell.  Just got in 3 dozen from Dharma and they seem to be sewn with silk thread, so that's good. I plan to transform as many as possible today - at least with one layer, for starters.

Before I run to the studio, I just want to share a few pieces from our Art Cloth Network "gallery" (aka - show and tell) which broke up the business parts of our meeting. 

Sue Jones helps hold this piece while Russ Little talks about his process.

Susan Ettl helps display Susie Monday's work as she talks about it.

And here, Sue Jones discusses her concept and process.

There are artists out there creating amazing cloth! Which puts the pressure on me to get out the door before the day gets away from me.


Gerrie said...

Gaaaaaa! Love all the art cloth.

Eva said...

Lots of success for your San Jose exhibition!

Judy said...

wow, when I'm looking for a shot of inspiration, I can always find it here! Russ looks great. I guess he must be fully recovered now. I'm off for 5 days of Shibori with Jan Myers Newbury! :-) YAYYYYYYY!!! and when I get home, we are moving my Mom. Sheeesh: does it ever end??????


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will add many layers to the scarves--and they will be beautiful.

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