Tuesday, October 20, 2009

R.I.P. flip phone

Boo hoo - I love this phone.  But I couldn't find my charger -- although I could have sworn I packed it. So, the phone was destined to die during the five days I was here. Sunday morning, after Bev Snow and I walked 3 miles to breakfast, we headed to the AT&T store so i could buy another charger.  But did they have one? Of course not; this phone that I loved so much is so old they no longer make it.  So I asked for their cheapest upgrade. Without going into a long story, suffice it to say that I ended up with a phone I never wanted but everybody tells me I will be happy that I have. Maybe eventually, but so far it's a learning curve, just like my macbook was.

Still trying to figure it out, but everybody who has one is welcoming me into the cult. I guess I can learn to love it if I can figure out how to get my voice mail. Here I am, outside the gallery where we had our art cloth exhibit, with Bev Snow and Susie Monday. Maybe I am making progress.

We spent this afternoon doing "meet the artists" and here are some shots of the work.


Going back to Sunday, after the cell phone debacle, Bev Snow, Russ Little and I took the tram and the bus and then walked to the Menil Collection - a most wondrous private art collection that we were so happy to have seen. They wouldn't allow pictures but all I can say is that if you are ever in Houston, do not miss this remarkable museum.  Here are some things we saw on our walks around Houston (and by the way, several people said to us, "you WALKED? Nobody in Houston walks."  Look what they are missing.


Early flight tomorrow - more when I can.


Gerrie said...

Love the shots of the art cloth - yummy!

Eva said...

Congrats to your new cell phone! Yes I heard it is cult -- but mostly from playful men... One of J's friends likes to show it filled with virtual beer, and when he skews it, the beer seems to flow like a real liquid... silly!
Anyway, some serious people use it seriously and seem to be quite happy.

sujatha said...

The art cloth is super

Approachable Photos said...

I'm so thrilled you found the utter beauty in Houston, but sad that your phone died (and mine too!) before we could meet. My kiddo has an iPhone and loves it. I'll get one, too... one day.

How was the conference?

Safe flight home. :D

Juanita Yeager said...

My favorite phone, like the one you had to replace died last summer after years of great service. I didn't get a black berry nor do I want an I-phone,( I refused) but the small flip phone I did get still left me with new things to learn.
Love your images from Houston. I like what you are drawn to visually.

Ann Graham said...

I just got an iPhone this week. You'll love it, once you figure out the iTunes connection and voicemail. Lots of great apps!!!, especially if you travel. Ann

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