Sunday, November 28, 2010

another Sunday

This time, for real.  I worked hard today. Finished cleaning the sewing room-- filled up a big trash bag, organized all of my commercial fabric in boxes and bins I tripped over every time I got near the sewing machine.  At least half the room is respectable; horizontal surfaces are visible. (but not for long, I am sure).

I made the back table into my ironing space and the other one into the cutting space.  Bins are stacked neatly, although I will admit that most of them have strips and bits dumped unceremoniously into them so I really don't know what is in each one till I look.  Little bits are too hard to sort and as long as it LOOKS neat, Ms. Closet may give me her seal of approval.  It's the most you can hope for, Ms. Closet!

All this sorting started because it is Jennifer's birthday tomorrow.  Jen is so thrilled with the quilt she is making that she is talking about making a "next one."  Since I have so much fabric, I picked out some scraps of various sizes and trimmed them.  Then I cut some 6" strips from larger pieces I had.
When I piled them up they looked rather unpreposessing (don't you love that word?) so I rolled them up into little bundles and tied them with ribbon; they are slightly better. Piled them into a gift bag along with an extra ruler I had, and an itty bitty cutting mat.  The only thing missing is a rotary cutter; maybe I have an extra in my studio.  I have to go there tomorrow, so I will look.

In the meantime, I am so exhausted from cleaning and sorting and cutting and rolling that I can't do what I need to do on these nice clean tables.  Oh, well.

Friday and Sat, my friends Bill and Lisa had open studios and I sold nearly half the scarves I had given them.  The rest will go up on my blog for holiday shopping, sometime in the next few days.


Eva said...

There is no better present than material for being creative!

Rayna said...

Jennifer was THRILLED! She said it was the best present she could have gotten - and she's only getting started.

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