Saturday, November 27, 2010

it feels like a Sunday

I don't know about everybody else - but in my house it is always like that after a holiday.  We had a lovely, low-key Thanksgiving yesterday: us, Jessica, Tommy & Emma, and my mother.The turkey breast was actually delicious (and you know how I feel about birds - alive or dead) - Ina Garten's recipe - the best I have ever had.   Raw beet salad (Mark Bittman), oven roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and rosemary; asparagus.  Red, white, yellow, green - pretty!  And the requisite pecan and apple/cranberry pies with fresh whipped cream.
Jeremy, Anne Marie, David and Jake stopped by for drinks (for Jer and Anne, anyway) and amused themselves with Emma.  Here is David, having just finished giving Emma her afternoon snack.

Hilary and the boys stopped by today for the same reason and here is Josh, looking happy.

Nothing left from yesterday's meal but part of the pies, thanks to Marty who ate half the pecan pie on his own - LOL.  But I am doing my share tonight - we have to get them out of this house, after all!  I will wait a couple of days to weigh myself.

I drove the kids back to Brooklyn this afternoon and made the round trip in record time, since there was really no traffic to speak of.  

Tonight, I was all set to do some work but thought it might be a little difficult to get anything done.

I have just spent the last couple of hours sorting and ironing and sorting and ironing and ironing and sorting. I know it doesn't look like a big improvement, but trust is major.
Now, of course, it is past midnight and too late to do anything else.  But at least I know where everything is.  And tomorrow, I can tackle the other table.  I have two quilt that need facings added and the cutting board is at the bottom of the pile.  I have something on the wall that I need to take down and forget about for a while; and one quilt I need to do something with because one element of it is bothering me.  It doesn't seem to bother anybody else, but that's not the point.

Hope you all had as happy a Thanksgiving as I did.


Monique 78 said...

I like celebrations with the family and friends; I'm often busy with that.
I've decided to sort and iron.... in a few days. Looking at your photos helps me !

Eva said...

Full house, full hearts. Wonderful pictures of the kids.

Susan Ettl said...

My studio looked like that a couple of days ago. I iron and put it away until next week.

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