Tuesday, November 09, 2010

where have I been?

Spending days deleting photos from iPhoto so my hard drive had some room. It was FULL and I could not do anything.  What a boring job! Am still at it but taking a break. I'm up somewhat early today and thought I would catch up before coffee (what am I thinking?) and before the day gets away from me.  I

So...catching up.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes last week - they brightened a rather grey and dismal day - although the sun came out, sort of in the afternoon and the weekend was sunny.
Met my daughter Hilary for lunch and it was lovely to have some one-to-one with her - a truly rare event these days.  My daughters gave me a gift certificate for my favorite nail spa and I am going to treat myself to a much-needed half-day there when I need it most.  What a great gift!

One day last week, Jennifer arrived with her patchwork top all sewn together (by hand). Next up, another lesson in laying out the sandwich and backing and hand-stitching it all together. Uh oh - I'm afraid she's hooked.  Does she look happy, or what?

Thursday, Nov. 4 was the opening of the Exhibit in Montclair that I was getting ready for.  Considering the pouring rain, there was a good attendance and everybody stayed for the discussion of how we do our work (process).  Here is a good picture of the artists: all printmakers and all of whom work in layers.

Sunday was Open Studios - always great fun!  When I come up for air (next week, hopefully) I will post some scarves that I still have.

I started this post this morning and then got busy and forgot to upload it. So here it is, FWIW.


Connie Rose said...

Sorry I missed your birthday last week...Happy Belated! xox

Nina-Marie said...

Glad to catch up - after writing this I'm going to clear some old photos off my hard drive - if I do them little by little - they don't get so crazy!!

Eva said...

I had it in my agenda and no time to open it -- until 8th. Ha!

tiedyejudy said...

I just bought an external hard drive and moved all my biz pix and docs there... can't bear to part with the pix!

Natalya Aikens said...

my friend just happened upon your exhibit at the library and emailed me right away asking if I knew you! so I'm coming to see your exhibit in the next two weeks, my exhibit reception is this Sunday, so after that definitely! might you be available for lunch????

Monique 78 said...

Unfortunatly I live too far (France !) from you to go to your exhibition. I like your layered and printed work

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