Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ain't it the truth!

Monday, Mar 28th, 2011 -- This may be one of those times when you cannot solve a dilemma, and there's no resolution in sight on an issue that's important to you now. You might discover that you just need some fireworks to clear the air. Even if you're not eager for change, you're still being drawn into a whole new set of circumstances. Although the clash between the old and the new incites you to stubbornly take a stand, you'll be better off proceeding slowly and letting the stress resolve on its own.

 Almost enough to make be believe in this stuff. Yes, dilemma. No resolution in sight (at least none that I want). Not eager for this particular change and yes,I am being drawn into a whole new set of circumstances, starting today, as it happens.  And the last line is exactly the advice I got this afternoon from a straight-talking person with a lot of experience in the dilemma solution department.

So now, I have 8 shades of yellow on my wall.  i think I will give up and switch to green. Tomorrow.
For tonight, I am too tired to sew, by hand or otherwise. Here is one of the pincushions actually being used!
 And here is the quilt, languishing on the floor till I can summon the energy to pick it up.
Today i neatened up my studio because Natalya Aikens is coming tomorrow. But then I spilled dye all over the clean sheet on one of the print tables, so I gave up and came home.


Del said...

Oh, Rayna, I wish I could run over and give you a hug. I'm sure that your readers around the world are sending good thoughts and love to help you get through what you are going through. I know I am! Del

Eva said...

If horoscopes are written by an astrologer, there are reasons to trust them. In most cases, they are not. A willing member of the newspaper staff utters some good-will phrases. But this one sounds as if it was written by someone who knows about the stuff.

Karoda said...

Rayna, hangeth in and bask in the time spent with Natalya. Wishing the spilled dye on the clean sheet becomes inspiration today :)

Beverly said...

I'm sending warm hugs and thoughts your way- enjoy the time with Natalya.

Helen said...

Patience, Rayna, you will be delighted all the more when your next creative rush arrives. See you Saturday at Metro Mod?

wlstarn said...

You could always fuse those darn hems with Stitch Witchery. It's not like you will need to let them down when he has a growth spurt. :-)

Natalya Aikens said...

what fun I had today with you Rayna! Thank you SO much!
PS I think the dates on your blog are wrong...did you post this today or yesterday?

Judy said...

Such a tough time for you and yours. I am so sorry, and wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything better.
Hope you had a great time with Natalya - how could the two of you not? Good tonic at a time when it is much needed!

Warm Hugs!


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