Monday, March 21, 2011

in the meantime...

These posts are a couple of days behind, kept like balloons at a party, filled with hot air and kept until they are ready to be released.

I am writing when the mood strikes and I have time.  Not easy with a 13 month old who is a full time job. If I don't watch her every second, she will either climb the stairs without me as a safety net or eat the most microscopic crumb off the floor that both my eye and my broom has missed. Bleh.

Miss Emma has been keeping me busy and entertained - she makes me laugh, which is wonderful.  I even make her laugh sometimes! Right now she is not laughing - she is objecting to my having put her in for her morning nap.  Maybe I can trade places with her; I am ready for MY morning nap.  But I have things I must do.

Beth, one of the women who took my UFO class in Northbrook, IL, sent me pictures of the piece she finished, begun in class.  She started with an entire top of these peach and grey log cabin blocks. No need to comment because the pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.  Maybe more!  Herewith, her progress pix with the titles she attached to them.

Just Ugly and Old

Study in Seams #1  (at the end of day 2)

Study in Seams #2 (finished at home)

This whimsical quilt gives me some inspiration, I must admit.  And I should note that she threw away
everthing else she had not used in this final piece - LOL. I have done that myself, so I can empathize with the sense of relief at having rescued and made something fun from the original.  At the same time, you can ditch the rest -- guilt free!  Love it.

OTOH - Beth gifted me with a few of these blocks and now I have to do my own rescue operation and send her pictures.  Oh, dear. First, of course, I have to find them. 


Judy said...

I'm so happy to read that Miss Emma's visit is the reason that you are not blogging on a daily basis!
I love the new quilt! I'm impressed with it and also with the fact that she could throw out the pieces she did not use! I still save EVERYTHING!

Stay well!


Del said...

Quite a change for those old blocks.
Hang in there - Miss Emma will grow up all too soon. But, of course, you already know that! Del

Beverly said...

Yes, I'm glad to know the lack of blogging wasn't for a more negative reason. Enjoy Miss Emma, it won't last long!

A nice change for those blocks- I like what she came up with. I'm trying to follow her example, and throw out what I know I'm NOT going to use.

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

good to have a daily dose of Rayna, missed you Saturday night. It is a very nice show.

Vivian Helena said...

what fun,, yes inspirational! Enjoy hearing both your personal as well as your information on quilting..thank you vivian

Eva said...

Happy to read from you again! The revival of the ugly blocks No.2 is gorgeous. What a great solution. And have fun with Emma!

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