Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, Mar 27th, 2011 -- The sheer number of things you must do continues to be daunting, but the Capricorn Moon is holding your feet to the ground even if your head is in the clouds. Although you are tempted to float away into your fantasies, your current calling also involves assisting with the care of family members or friends. Instead of allowing yourself to get overwhelmed with your obligations, refocus on the precious heart connections you have already made. 

As usual, this horoscope is so prescient it is scary.  Daunting is the right word!  Of course, this minute I am daunted by  trying to remember what I did with that packet of needles I bought at the dollar store in Paducah.  I know I saw it the other day...but my sewing room is going to be painted this coming week and everything is worse than a mess -- it is scattered to the rest of the downstairs.  The sewing machine is on a bridge table in the living room, the pins are in here, and my brain is in the kitchen.

 I have not done a binding in more than a decade because I don't make QUILTS.  But I thought that Emma's QUILT should have a binding.  So I am pinning it and was about to start sewing (for a change of pae) but I can't find the needles, so that takes care of THAT.

On another topic - I am trying to decide on a yellow for this sewing room/office, since the painter is coming sometime this week. Yesterday I went to the paint store and bought several of those little jars of Benjamin Moore samples. They are all dreadful.  I can't even get a good picture of them.  On Monday I will look again, but they are either too bright, too dark, or too chalky. Yellow is a difficult color; who'd a thunk?


tiedyejudy said...

I'm in the process of painting the inside of my place... very slowly, mind you! I got some color samples from Home Depot - do you have them back there? Anyway, there were lots of very pale yellows in the color sample books, almost white with just a tinge of color. I'm using Behr and Glidden paints, and both have tons of possibilities. So, why does it have to be yellow? Just asking...!
BTW, I just learned at a basic quilting class that there is such a thing as a binding clip... no more sticking myself with pins while I sew on the binding! Who knew?!!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

I feel your pain... we have been having the house painted one room at a time for what seems an eternity. Chose Benjamin Moore Sulfur Yellow 2151-40 for one small bedroom.

Tricia Nelson said...

I had my studio painted yellow (BM 2154-40, York Harbor Yellow) 4 years ago and I just love it. It reads well in all the various lights of the day. Of course I do find that I use a lot of yellow in my work!

Esther said...

Every year I challenge myself to work in specific colour.2009 was chosen as yellow and it took me two months to decide shade of it,so I know what you going through.Yellow is difficult colour to photograph but it looks georgeus in nature...and on the wall.

Christine Thresh said...

You can see my yellow room (office) here:

The top photo is the real color, the bottom one looks pale as it was going on.

The floor is now cobalt blue Kiwi tiles.

Judy said...

I got a beautiful pale lemony yellow for my guestroom last year. If I can find the can, I'll email you the name/number.


Linda Branch Dunn said...

Yellow is so easy to get wrong. I used the color that the portrait photographer down the hall from LFS used for her studio: California paints Sir Aashir DE5421. It glows. We have it in our 3-story stairwell and it makes us happy every day.

good luck!

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