Tuesday, June 28, 2011

grab bag

If you were to reach into the bag containing the last few days, you'd pull out some miscellaneous things, including:
  •  The backs of two of my grandchildrens' heads as they looked on Sunday.
  • My Monday morning trash, stacked neatly in the street by the gardeners who had to move the pile into the street so they could mow.
  • Monday night's delicious dinner of Thai Yom Tom soup made by my surprise houseguest who had called to say she was en route to New Jersey and wanted to see me. Of course, I told her to head right over here and stay the night. Yay!
  • This morning's breakfast out before we headed to my studio. We ordered two different things and shared.  More good eating!  Presumably, we walked it off ahead of time.  Spinach, mushroom and goat cheese omelette and chorizo, tomato and I-forget-what scramble, with salsa. Good coffee and great multi-grain toast.

Afterwards, we went to my studio and spent an hour or so while she helped me decide what to throw into the trash.  Then a stop at Jerry's for a couple of art supplies and back home. She had to leave (boo hoo) because she has things to do and people to see before she teaches at Peters Valley.  But what a treat for both of us this less-than-24 hour visit was! There is nothing like intensive quality time with an old friend.
So great to see you, Kerr.


Anonymous said...

How fun is that!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Oh I am so jealous. I think of Kerr most everyday as I deconstruct in the studio. Love to you both.

Gerrie said...

Oh, lucky you. She is coming to Portland next September 2012 to teach for us and staying with me. She cooks? Yowza!

Judy said...

Looks & sounds like you had a fun weekend. I love Kerr too!


Susan Ettl said...

Glad you had a fun visit with Kerr!!!

Russ Little said...

How nice to see two of my favorite people together!


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