Thursday, June 16, 2011


This ought to be my middle name.

I woke up before 6 and was going to take a walk but while I was putting out the garbage I  cleaned out the garage, instead. SORT OF.

There is still lots of STUFF left but on Thursdays the garbage men take random objects, so some of them are gone.  Two 4x8 warped Celotex boards that used to be a design wall in my house. I decided that if I ever need another design wall chez moi, I will buy more.  Various pieces of wood. Two old telephones, Marty's radar detector - which I will never use and is so old it is obsolete by now; the manual to his Lexus, sold when he stopped driving.  The guy who bought it for his daughter is the Lexus service manager - and anyway, she took it to Florida.  She has a problem, she can ask him! STUFF.

I won't go into what is left, but Ms. Closet would be proud of me.  My objective is to be able to put the car into the garage once the weather gets cold.  Marty was the one who always put his car into the garage and I had to spend hours cleaning feet of snow off of mine, which sat in the driveway of our one-car garage abode. But first, I have to get the remote garage door opening gizmo to work.  Another story.

This is so neat that I can hardly believe it.  These are supermarket bags inside of supermarket bags inside of...
I use them to recycle the newspapers, junk mail, and small pieces of cardboard.  Whole Foods is expensive but they have the worst bags: the handles break.  I think they are doing that to encourage you to bring your own. Nevertheless, I have quite a few of these.

By 7:am I had cleaned and vacuumed not only the garage, but the car.  I must be insane.  Then I came in and after breakfast, made gazpacho, which I had for lunch.  Then I went to the studio for a couple of hours and puttered. Sewed, sorted, threw stuff at the wall and took it down.  See this fabric with the stars on it?  Love it.  Got it from Usha last month.

 It looks entirely different when you cut it up.
Intending to do further work tonight at home, I schepped back a whole bunch of strips and units from my collection.  Then I called Ms. Closet and that was the end of THAT for the night.  Sidetracked!
I am going to bed. Now.  I promise.


Gerrie said...

I love reading your blog. I always feel as if you have called me on the phone to kvetch and I love listening to you. You seem to be doing well and for that, I am thankful.

Eva said...

Sidetracked is main track in my life. And I love it. Let instinct find out what is most important, and satisfaction will follow.
Tomorrow I'll follow the agenda that J made for me. On my request.

Sandy said...

yes clearing out is a bit like clearing your head. I can work with piles but I am not so good at working with strings on the floor.
I admire you for hoovering the garage though!

And too you are planning ahead and that is good. If you hire someone to shovel the drive when you get all the snow next winter, you will be all set!
Sandy in the UK

JillW said...

I don't think of it as getting sidetracked, I think of it as SERENDIPITY. One of my favorite words. :-j


Debra Spincic said...

You will love the luxury of pulling into a garage when the weather is crappy! It's worth it to clean it out now. Keep going.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Doesn't it feel great....all that "new" space.

I read your post about "your new fur coat" water heater. Made me laugh.

Once when visiting NYC on a lark my sister and I went to the fur department of Saks. A man was buying coats for his wife and wasn't going well. The husband/father was looking worried. The salesclerk was very nice and encouraged my sister and I (dressed as we were in jeans) to try on some coats. He knew it was for our amusement but it was fun....more fun than buying a hotwater heater and a lot less expensive than buying two coats for a cranky wife and daughter. xo, T

Rayna said...

You guys are so great! I love you all. thanks for being there and making me smile.

Jessica K said...

I love you, Mommy. :)

Mostly Turquoise said...

and I admire you!!!


Beverly said...

Reading your blog does feel a lot like I'm hanging over the back yard fence yakking with you. I'm glad you are keeping busy, and I sure hope some of it includes time in the studio. Love that print you got from Usha, by the way, especially with the yellow.

You have been on my mind, I'm glad you're finding things to smile and laugh at. And yes, you will love being able to park in the garage in winter.

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