Saturday, June 18, 2011

hail,mangoes, and so forth

Really! HAIL.  Thunder, lightning, a downpour that lasted and lasted and lasted! Lights that flickered.strange electronic noises. Blogger won't upload my video of the hailstones bouncing onto the deck and the thunder, but it was weirdness all the way around.

When the sun came out, I went outside and dug in the wet ground so I could plant the stuff I bought yesterday.  Too many roots and rocks in the ground for my taste, so I couldn't get the orange daylilies or the maroon-leaved coral bells. But I put in the pink flowering thing (whatever it is) and I moved a cinnamon fern. Shade, shade,shade.  No hostas because 1) I hate them and 2) the deer love them.
Then I got the hose and watered the pink flowering thing and the fern, even thought it had just poured for an hour. Sigh...

I also spent a good part of the day trying to get my webcam to work so I can be a guest on C&T's popular Digital Lounge on Wednesday Night, June 22 (next Wed - eeeek!). It's interactive in C&T''s chat room and is really fun to watch. Program starts at 6 PM Pacific time/9 PM Eastern time and you can figure out the times if you're in another zone.  I don't know what zone I am in, but I will be there on Wed night, followed by none other than Dale Ann Potter.  TUNE IN and watch me make a fool of myself on camera!

I wrote another ten thank-you notes and at the rate I am going, it will be July before I am done saying thank you to all of you who sent beautiful art, cards, and personal notes through the actual mail.
It is taking forever for me to do this and one friend thinks I am crazy, but I don't think so.
I am warmed by your caring and I need to tell you. 

Was going to sew tonight but instead, I was lured by the mangoes I bought last week and looked up a recipe for mango sorbet.  Do I need to tell you I did my own thing and made what purports to be frozen mango lassi?  Well -- it would be if I had not added some strawberries for color, lime juice to take away the sweetness of the sugar, and a drop of tequila to keep it from freezing too hard. Anyway, it is delicious and here is (more or less) what I did. 
2 mangoes
2/3 c. sugar (too much for me)
pinch salt
2/3 c plain lowfat yogurt (this was instead of the water in the sorbet recipe)
juice of 2 limes
Threw this into the ice cream machine.  here it is, smushing around (I believe the official word is "churning.")
On second thought I threw in a little more yogurt (not measured), a drop of tequila (they recommended rum but I don't like rum) and 4 strawberries rattling around in their plastic container, taking up too much room in the fridge.  After about 10 minutes it was already frozen, so I removed it from the chiller thingie and put it into a plastic container. 
It made only a little more than a pint, so I froze the pint and ate the half pint that didn't fit. LOL
The chiller thingie is back in the freezer; I should probably buy a spare so I can invite people over and wow them with this stuff, served immediately.  Of course, by then it could be winter and I'll have to make soup instead.

It's almost 2 AM eastern time. Tomorrow morning I am going into NY to visit Marty's cousin and her kids and grands from California who are here.  I haven't seen them in five years, since the last time Marty and I were in San Diego. I'm ready to go back there...or anywhere in California. I have some openings in the winter of 2012, I just had some mid-July dates open up because of a cancelled retreat, and now I'm free to pick up and go at the last minute.  

Maybe it won't rain tomorrow. Wouldn't that be nice?


Eva said...

For videos I recommend to upload it in YouTube and just link on your blog, it is a lot easier -- or, rather: it works.
Rain and frozen stuff -- that would make me finish the whole thing with a big mug of hot ginger tea.
I'll try to watch the Digital Lounge event! It should happen around noon central European time.

lisa fulmer said...

looking forward to your demo!!

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