Monday, March 05, 2012

Fiber Philadelphia

I came home Sunday night excited but too exhausted to do anything but upload my photos from this marvelous, city-wide event that boggles the mind, warms the spirit, and inspires the imagination.

Two of the most intense art days I've spent in eons.   Sensory overload from all the amazing work -- and we saw just the tip of the iceberg!  You MUST go see what you can of Fiber Philadephia if you are within four or five hours' driving distance.  There are lots of places to stay overnight -- worth it!!!

Mending=Art, the exhibit at the Gershman Y curated by Diane Savona, was possibly my favorite: it touched my heart.  It was beautifully put together and the whole premise was special, probably because mending a thread that runs through Diane's work and the fabric of her life. Mending as metaphor: nobody mends anything any more (except Michael Swaine).  I was so absorbed in the exhibit's layers of meaning that I forgot to take pictures, except for this one by Ilaria Margutti. But the entire show was beautiful.

Next we went to the 8th Fiber Biennial opening at the Snyderman.  This very large piece by Dorothy Caldwell was the first thing I saw as I came into the gallery.  So simple and elegant.  Dorothy was there and we chatted and caught up on things -- but I was not taking pictures of people at that point. 
 Jeanne Williamson also had a piece at Snyderman and was there for the opening and it was also great to see her.  We kept running into each other as we moved from opening to opening and at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, finally had our pictures taken together.
  Too tired to do more; I shall have to put up another installment tomorrow.  Fiber Philadelphia runs through half of April.

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Claire said...

Love your pictures and I finally got to the slideshow. Also excited to sdee that you'll be at Sisters next year. Now if I can only get into your class!

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