Thursday, March 01, 2012


Perhaps random. Or various.  Tonight's blob is a catch-all, and if I can remember all the things I wanted to cover it will be a miracle.

First, since it was Wordless Wednesday when i started this post, here are my two point-and-shoot photos (traffic was at a dead standstill on the Manhattan Bridge) as I was heading out of Brooklyn on the trek home last week.

Also taken as I was sitting on the bridge, the WTC Freedom Tower and whatever else is next to it. Progress?

Here is a print from that screen Susanne was doodling on in class last week.  Some of you were curious, so I asked her to take a photo.
Wow! I'm sure subsequent prints were even better.
I spent most of the morning in the supermarket.  Forgot to buy paper towels, but detergent was on sale so I bought four.  You would not have believed that only one person lives in my house...but I hadn't been shopping in so long that my pantry was empty.  Kale was on sale, so I decided it was time to try making kale chips.  My son-in-law Tommy made them several years ago and I thought they were wonderful, but have never gotten around to it till today.  I munched on them before dinner and this is all that is left of the ton I had.  They are addictive.
In the ethnic aisle, I saw canary beans and after reading the recipe on the bag for Peruvian Stew, I bought them.  Here was tonight's dinner, made with the Italian sausage I had bought earlier in the week.
Simple and yummy!
Oops - forgot to stop at Whole Foods for yogurt.  I used the last of it yesterday afternoon when I had a frozen yogurt emergency. Lemon.  My ice cream maker is a lot happier now; it was feeling neglected.
The week is almost over (or so it seems). Later today is the opening of  QuiltFest in Somerset, NJ.  It's a Mancuso show so my expectations are not high, but I'm going in the afternoon to see Usha, who is vending --and hopefully, we will go out for our usual South Indian dinner after the show. 


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

I am so glad to hear that the ice cream maker is back on duty. In the odd moment away from FiberPhiladelphia I thought... when is Rayna going to post about frozen deserts again. Hope to see you soon.

HollyM said...

I love the print made from the!
I grew Kale last year and love the chips. It grows so well and will last late into fall.
Have fun at the show.

Connie Rose said...

Do you know that Monsanto now owns Whole Foods?! What a travesty.

Eva said...

Kale is great. We have a tradition of a Kale meal as an event that councellors and local government take part in. But my parents did not know it at all as food! In their Baltic home, it was used as a decoration only. They did not know it was edible.

Anonymous said...

What are kale chips? I love kale but never heard of these. Can you share the recipe??

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