Thursday, July 05, 2012

now, where was I....?

It has been a busier week than usual. My 16 year old granddaughter has been visiting me for the week and it has been great fun.  We've shopped, gone into NY twice, seen a Broadway show and a movie and done more shopping. We missed the fireworks because we were to exhausted, but that was ok. We assume there is always next year.

Tuesday we went to the Tkts booth in downtown Brooklyn because you can buy half-price tickets there for Wednesday's matinees.  We got tickets for July 4th afternoon for Peter and the Dream Catcher and then took the subway to Jessica's.  After Emma's nap and some gymnastics activities (hers, not mine) we went out to dinner at Carlton Park, that wonderful organic restaurant on the corner of -- what else? - Carlton & Park.  Here is Emma, contemplating the carrot which she has just dipped in hummus - one of her favorite foods.

Wednesday - back into the CIty for lunch and the theatre.  We walked up 9th Ave, looking for a suitable lunch place and along the way, a few sights...
getting ready for crowd control

 something replacing something else.

street art!


We discovered a terrific Indian restaurant and had a yummy lunch. The show, Peter & the Dream Catcher, was a delight, and we came home tired but happy.

Hope you had a lovely July 4th, too.

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Judy said...

The as ever adorable Miss Emma!
Happy Independence Day back at ya!


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