Sunday, July 29, 2012

starting fresh

After almost two physically and emotionally exhausting weeks dealing with the apartment owned by an apparent relative of the Collyer Brothers* I am ready for a vacation.

*The brothers are often cited as an example of compulsive hoarding associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as disposophobia or Collyer brothers syndrome, a fear of throwing anything away.

My partner in crime and I made a slight dent in the neatly organized stuff crammed into every drawer and closet. On Friday, more assistants arrived and one of them was rewarded with three drop-dead gorgeous dresses from 50 years ago that fit her perfectly and make her look as though she just got off the set of Mad Men.

My reward? a living room full of boxes and bags and envelopes of photographs and letters waiting to be sorted and distributed so they will become other peoples' problems. Ha ha - right now, they are merely my problem - and they are the tip of the iceberg.  More awaits!!

But for the moment, I am not looking back -- only ahead.  I plan to go back to the gym, return to my studio, and get back to work.  I have a commission of 50 scarves that I need to get busy printing; I have contracts and supply lists and jpgs to send out for the classes I will be teaching in the next 2 years;
I have work on the wall in the "slow design" stage and a quilt I have to finish stitching.  All has been neglected, as has my blog. It is time for ME.


Gerrie said...


Martha said...

I sympathize with your job of having to help empty out someone else's years of clutter. But you may really enjoy the photograph stage of the clean-out. I was glad to read details about the Collyer Brothers and realize I had heard about this sad event years ago.
Hope you can get into some more pleasant activities soon! I enjoyed a two-day class with Marilyn Doheny last week; pictures on my blog if you have a minute to look:

Karoda (nickname) said...

Well I hope there aren't 100 tons of trash in your near future! Enjoy the adventure as much as possible!

HollyM said...

I recently helped clean out a large house for a move to an apartment. It was a big job.
I'll be happy to see your return to blogging!

Bonnie said...

This posting has shown Ron and I that what we have to accomplish is indeed doable. We don't want to merely move it from one place to another (Lawrence to Westminster). Grown to love the minimalist environment here and have learned there is only so much room for photos and memorabilia. Now if we could only stick to it when it comes time.

Linda Dunn said...

My mom filled her house.
Sorting, discarding, it's such hard work. My best to you and I wish you many able assistants.

Mia Bloom Designs said...

I understand what you're going through. My dad is a hoarder but my mom isn't. Both are still alive but my sister and I are starting to go through my dad's stuff now. Mom is taking a backseat. How many rusted shovels with broken handles does one man need?

Nina-Marie said...

wowwww! This falls under one of my fav quotes - "Momma's work is never done". Still aren't ya glad that we learned to set that work aside for a bit and let routine take us back to a more creative place? I would have thought that cavern of clutter would have been so overwhelming!

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