Thursday, July 12, 2012

une nuit blanche

For the first time in ages, I was up late last night because I was working.  By the time I got to bed in the wee hours, I couldn't fall asleep.

I took out a piece I had begun while I was in Paducah last month.  I worked on it all week but after it got to a certain point, I had to put it away and do something else.  You know how that is, right?? 
Being able to work at 2:30 a.m. is an advantage if you have a proper design wall.  Mine is an old bulletin board, 30"x36", leaning against the wall in my hallway and draped with an old piece of batting. Not big enough, not high enough, but better than nothing. Here is a slice of what I have so far. I still have a long way to go and should really be in my studio working on my 10' wall, but it is hot there in summer, a/c notwithstanding.

Last night I actually made some progress, if you call ripping out a few strips and putting them back again, progress.  Maybe I'll work on it again a bit later in the day.  Or not.


HollyM said...

Well, I like what I can see! My favorite colors! I know what you mean about getting stuck and needing to switch projects for a bit. Usually it works, though.

Meestal Turquoise said...

Hi Rayna, when seeing your piece of strips, I got an idea how I probably would finish it. Not that it is of any value to you of course, but the inspiration alone on my side felt good! In Buffalo waiting for transport to our motorhome in East-Aurora, so happy to begin our trip... Unfortunately no NJ this time, Ohio, Kentucky, Tenn. thereabouts, best regards, Regina and Henry

Judy said...

Oh, I love how that is looking! I need to get back and make some more strips, but there hasn't been any time. I guess I could make time: stay up 'till 2:30! LOL
I'm so excited that you are coming to Georgia! WooHoo!!!


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