Saturday, October 26, 2013

A day behind

It is Saturday night in the City of Light.  We just got back from spending the day with my French family and I am a very happy camper.  I adore them all and there were relatives there that I have not seen for 13 years. There was lots of lively conversation about politics and other things; the food and wen were great, and there were lots of kisses all around.  The grandchildren are now teenagers and I was amused to see this ubiquitous activity is not confined to my own grandchildren at home. LOL.
Ophir (left)  generously tethered me to his phone so I could have wifi in his grandparents' house.  They pronounce it "wee fee" (of course).

Friday, another full day-- but less hectic than the previous ones.  My turn-- and I wanted to wander through the Marais, my favorite quarter.  We went to the elegant Place des Vosges which was the first planned square in Paris, built by Henry IV I from 1605-1612.  
 We visited Victor Hugo's house, which is there and then wandered the streets of the now-trendy district filled with galleries and shops.
We couldn't tell what this shop sold but the window was great.
This is referring to Chanukah which this year, is so early that it begins on the American Thanksgiving.
Once the home of Paris' vibrant Jewish quarter, it still retains its character on the Rue des Rosiers and rue Vieille du Temple. This was on the wall of a boys' school in the neighborhood...
And while the famous Goldenberg's delicatessen is now a clothing store,e scents of deli food and falafel were hard to resist.

We stopped for mint tea and pastry at one of the salons de thé late in the afternoon, just as they were getting ready to close.
  We will probably go tomorrow for lunch to one of its famous delicatessens, since Paris shops and restos are closed Sundays.


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Like you. I love this district.

Natalya Aikens said...

oh how I miss Paris.... Thank you!!

Candy said...

Oh please bring me some macaroons....candy

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