Friday, October 25, 2013

Thurs in Paris

The days have been packed and somewhat hectic,but, Notre Dame, the Louvre and lots of walking again. En route, we walked along the quai and noticed that the book stalls were also selling locks and keys.  Huh? When we got to the bridge, we saw why. 

The entire fence of the bridge was covered with love notes on locks.  Ah, Paris.
Apparently, the latest craze.  Actually, it looked quite nice from a distance.
I have been to Notre Dame numerous times, but it never fails to amaze me architecturally. I couldn't get back far enough to get the usual picture,but you know what it looks like. This picture was more fun.
 It is 850 years old and I guarantee that nothing we build will be around 850 yrs for now.  In fact, I am sure that at the rate we are going, the entire planet will self-destruct well before then.
Once on the île de la cité, we had to visit one of the iconic metro signs left from the days of Art Nouveau.  So elegant.
The queue at the Louvre moved quickly but the crowds were large once we got inside. I had seen the Mona Lisa up close 50 years ago, before they moved her and put her behind glass to prevent another attack.  But my travel companion needed to see it. Oy!  By the time we had climbed a millionstairsand pushedourway thrust the hordes, we were too exhausted to do anything but have a lovely lunch and leave.

Alight lunch was necessary because last night we met my cousins for a fabulous couscous dinner at their favorite Morrocan restaurant. To die for.  Afterwards, we walked it ff on the Champs 
Élysées to get the metro home.
The weather has been good to us.  I packed layers because the forecast was for cold and rain.  Thw days and evenings have been balmy and we have had only intermittent light drizzles. Nice!


Gunilla.B said...

So nice following you in Paris! It´s too long since I was there!

Eva said...

Oh these locks! They have gone viral in our town, too. But they don't seem to enhance the wonder of love too much, about half of the marriages end up in divorce.
Lovely pictures! Thank you for letting us participate in your trip!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

What a treat to leave the walking ( and the air travel) to you. Thanks for posting.

Vivian Helena said...

Love reading about your trip,, oh, I miss Paris! Locks are spreading around in the U.S.A> also.

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