Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday's adventures

It was one of those days where life did its own thing, despite what we had planned.  We started out the day with a trip to the world-famous Père Lachaise cemetery, where many luminaries of art, literature, stage, etc are buried.  But when we got there the guards would not let us in because they said there was a funeral and the cemetery was closed for the whole day.  Huh?  He was sending everybody away but the mourners.  We vowed to go back tomorrow and headed instead for the Jewish Museum of Art and History and spent a fascinating couple of hours with the photos, artifacts, and history of the Jewish communities from China to North Africa and every country in Europe from Hundreds of years B.C.E to the years of WWII.  No photos allowed but I did sneak one of this painting by Marc Chagall, which is totally unlike his more commonly known work.  

Late in the afternoon we wen across to the Quartier Latin on the left bank and walked up the hill to the Sorbonne, which was just a bunch of buildings.  Walked babk down Boulevard St.Michel. Where there were a couple of alleys filled with bistros cheek by jowl.  We sat and had a drink. And friendly conversation with an American couple from Charleston,S.C. Who recommended the raspberry beer.
I should have taken his advice.  The alleged Margarita tasted a bit strange. By the way, every bar and café in this city has Happy Hour which lasts till 11:pm. 
We walked back to the Marais for dinner and here are a couple of nice views from the bridge.
That needs no intro.  This next one is the Tour St. Jacque, which is all that remains of the church, destroyed during the French Revolution.  This is one of my favorite Paris icons.
Here it is during the day.
Off to dinner at my cousin Frédéric's.  More later.  Tomorrow we leave for London and fly home Thursday. Waaaaah.


Natalya Aikens said...

waaahhh!!! I've been vicariously living through your blog and now it's going to end????

Connie Rose said...

I've been loving your travelogue. Glad it's been such a fantastic trip! Safe journey home. xo

Linda Hicks said...

I have so enjoyed your travels to London and Paris...boo to the guard at Pere Lachaise...so sorry the end is near, but you will be on the run again, doing interesting trips.

Bonnie Miller said...

Thank you so much for giving us a peek into France...thoroughly enjoyable!

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