Tuesday, February 25, 2014

finally! time (and energy) to blog

The last couple of weeks have vanished in a continuing cloud of snow, snow, and more snow; frenzied sorting and throwing, followed by cooking and caregiving for a daughter-in-law recovering from surgery and a sick grandson. 

The weekend provided a nice respite from the hectic world and below freezing temps -- the weather gods gave us a couple of 50 degree days so we could actually get out and enjoy the air. Saturday brought a trip to the Montclair Art Museum, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary with items from its collection that are rarely displayed.  100 artworks, some of which were in the opening exhibit in 1914 and others of which were more contemporary, were on display.  A few of them captivated me enough to take pictures.

This is a wire sculpture against the wall.  The box is merely a shadow made by the actual sculpture, which appears to be in the box.  So cool!

This fuzzy photo is of a fiber piece made of pieces of blankets.

 This is one of the museum's paintings by Native American artists and I simply love it.  
 Finally, you probably know immediately which artist did this giant iron.  Yep, Willie Cole.
Sunday brought a trip to New York and more art: an exhibit of ossuaries and other 6000 year old artifacts at NYU's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.  Beautiful!  This was my favorite. 
After dinner, on the walk back to the bus terminal, we noticed that NY is still in holiday mode. I think they should leave those lights on all year - they are so pretty.

Around the corner, the construction vehicles sat waiting for Monday morning to come. This was only part of the block-long crane that will no doubt be putting up another skyscraper.

Once the weekdays started we are back to temps in the 30's.  Still, not bad.  I think there is more snow predicted for tomorrow (Wednesday) but I really hope they are wrong.


Sue Marrazzo said...

Nice looking pieces!!!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Glad you could get out a little... Spring is only 22 days away now, and hopefully it will arrive on time!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

It's good to hear you were able to get out of the house. Thank you for sharing phtos of the art from Montclair Art Museum.

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