Tuesday, February 11, 2014

snowbirds fly back to the frigid north

With another six inches due on Wednesday, I am reluctantly catching a plane to the frigid, icy, road salt-deprived state of NJ.  I figure this horrible weather is punishment for those who elected (twice, no less!!) Governor Bridgegate.  But why do the rest of us have to suffer?

In any event, the two weeks flew deliciously by, despite the fact that for much of the time I was a cleaning person-in-training.  I have now retired from that short-lived career.  The carpet is down and the first step toward elegance has been taken.
I have thrown out a lifetime supply of shopping bags; plastic containers past their use-by dates,
soaps so old they have turned to powder, and untold heaps of paid bills dating from 1979. Also, a non-working microwave oven, an out of date analog cable box,and 3 tvs.  There are two more tvs waiting in the wings to be taken out to the recycling, but I shall have to hire somebody to do that because I can't lift them. Next year.

On the upside, we went to see the Miami City Ballet, a wonderful piano concert, and of course the Norton Museum. West Palm and Palm Beach are cultural anchors for south Florida as far as I am concerned.

Last night's farewell dinner at Pistache on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach was divine and  
included a couple of elegant desserts.  
My two dinner companions opted for the crepes suzette.

We had to delay our dinner reservation by a bit because as we were getting ready to leave, the 1979 creaky dishwasher overflowed, billowing suds on the kitchen floor.  Cleaned them up and then opened the dw to find another mess of suds.  This was how it looked after I had spent 1/2 hour bailing out the bubble bath.  You can actually see the bottom of the machine, which was not possible a bit earlier.
HA - one more reason to look forward to part deux of the renovation next year!

Yes, I did a little bit of sewing work, but it will have to wait till I get home to show any progress.
Everything is packed away and now I have to empty the last of what is in the fridge, return the rental car, and have lunch at the airport.  Then we can relax for a while.  I'm hoping I can find Hoffmann's chocolates at the airport: they left West Palm and I didn't have time to stop in their Lake Worth store.
Next post from the tundras of New Jersey!


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Hope you have had a safe and easy flight. Welcome back.

Debra Spincic said...

Certainly a classic looking living room.

Lori R. said...

Ha ha ha ... we are having nasty weather again in NC. I am happily snowed in at the quilt shop with my cats and a nearly endless supply of fabric. Tonight I'm making birds, which you will be seeing soon on talk is cheap quilts.

Linda Hicks said...

Looking good! Brava. We get more snow tomorrow and Friday as well as Wednesday.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

You definitely made progress! Hope you got home safely. Winter can't last forever... we're due for temps in the 60's here, which will be a welcome relief, but we could use some precipitation... very low for this time of year so far. Stay warm!

patty a. said...

Sounds like you made a lot of headway in cleaning and de-cluttering! Have a safe trip home!

queenopearls said...

Welcome back Rayna! :-D Just in time to get snowed in. lol
You did a great job in FL... seriously, that was a LOT of work.
now, feet up, bowl of soup and put on some good music. :)
~ Christina in Cleveland

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