Wednesday, March 12, 2014

an art night

Newark NJ has developed quite a vibrant, often edgy, art scene.  Tonight, a friend and I went to an exhibit and artists' talk because we wanted to hear Willie Cole  He and two other exhibiting artists were on a moderated pane land it was certainly a lively evening.  

Here's Willie with Shoshanna Weinberger, one of the other artists, while they both listened to the third member of the panel talk about her work (backdrop).  These three artists are professionals and are extremely successful -- yet they have the same angst in the studio that any of us has -- and they admit to having more than their share of what Sandy Donabed calls the "crap quota."  They all agree that you have to make a lot of stuff - just keep turning it out and some of it will be good.  There is nothing new under the sun.

Time for bed!  Too tired to think or to write any more. Willie Cole is charming and down-to-earth, despite his high profile.  I had a chance to chat with him before the program started - a real highlight of the evening.  'Nuff said.


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Glad to know you are out and about. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a good time. It is such a pleasure to have these opportunities. There will be great openings right here at the Crane tomorrow night. I will be there!

Sandy said...

Oh, I LOVES me an opening, but I tend to fall in love with every artist I encounter! Glad you had fun and thanks for the reference!

(I was just over on Terry Grants blog where she was bemoaning blogging in general so from now on I will be commenting whenever I can! Fair warning)

Linda Hicks said...

Love that art show...some very interesting works. And what you did with that gray...super!

Karoda said...

some years ago I saw an interview with him on pbs and was really intrigued with his face and did a loose sketch of him in cloth and thread...never developed it beyond that but it is still in by bag of scraps.

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