Wednesday, March 19, 2014

rain, rain, go away

I've been working on two pieces that need to be stitched and I was happy that my art group met here on Monday night so I could get some feedback from artists who work in other mediums.   Three weeks ago when we met, I had nothing -- so that's progress. Neither of these is pieced - they are whole cloth - and I am not posting them.

Are you tired of soup yet?  I'm not!  Monday, I made a carrot and sweet potato soup because that was what I had the most of.  The soup was divine and I finally (reluctantly) finished the last bit of it today.

 On Saturday we made our pilgrimage to Brooklyn and before we headed home, we stopped at International Grocery across the street from the Port Authority bus terminal and stocked up on a feast of spanikopita, taramasalata, eggplant salad, hummus (not as good as mine, if I do say so), olives, feta, and tatziki.  This was the perfect thing to set out for my critique group on Monday -- and it was also my dinner tonight.

The sound of the rain is making me sleepy.  Tomorrow, I have to be up early to go into NY.
I am meeting a group of friends from college, some of whom I have not seen in ages. Lunch at the University Club and then maybe I'll duck into MOMA afterwards if I have time.
We'll see.


Connie Rose said...

It's hamentashen time of year, isn't it? Have a lovely spring, my friend. xoxo

Judy said...

Have a wonderful day in the city with your friends. Hope you get over to MOMA!


Linda Hicks said...

Cool to critique w artists of other media. Love your soup ideas and info on the International Grocery across from Port Authority!

Eva said...

Your meal looks so appetizing! I love sweet potato. There is something worse than rain, though it leaves us without light, and that's if spring is too dry. Or frosty and icy like last year! Melting started on March 31st then. I was soo fed up with the slippery sidewalks.

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