Monday, March 24, 2014

posting before another day goes by...

Last Thursday I was in New York at lunch with some of my college classmates in the NY metro area.  Took the bus in and walked to the University Club on 54th and Fifth Avenue, taking pictures in my usual way.  I deleted one of them by mistake and when I followed the directions on how to retrieve deleted photos with iTunes - the next thing I knew, I was looking at this screen. Deadsville. No pictures, no anything else, and much aggravation.

Long story short --most was recovered after a session at the Genius Bar on Friday, except for Thursday's pix that had not made it to the cloud and about 8 million text messages still sitting there. Can't say enough about Apple's customer service -- at least at this particular store.

Sunday late afternoon --  airport to pick up Patricia and Stéphane - my two charming and adorable French cousins, who are here to make presentations at conferences in New Haven and New York.  They stayed the night and I took them to the train this morning, but it was a delight to spend a few hours with them.  My French family knows how much I love la moutarde française, and Patricia brought me a treat -- truffle mustard and mortared au piment because she knows how much I love spicy things.  
Today, worked on getting the tax records together to take to my accountant later this week.  I was excessively antsy after a few hours of working on that stuff and took a break to fritter away some time on Facebook.  Good grief!  Working on taxes clearly addled my brain.

If I can get off this computer, I may continue to do some stitching on a whole cloth piece. No straight lines this time: I'm kind of enjoying stitching those circles for a change.  
On the other hand, I am leaving on Saturday to run a three day Free-form Design Spa workshop at Hudson River Valley Workshops in Greenville, NY. and I really need to get my supplies together.  I am driving, so I will be able to bring my very own sewing machine.  I have a basic Viking 210 from sometime in the '90s and it only weighs 14 lbs, so it can travel by car.  It's the only machine I ever bought new.  Its cousin, the Viking 215 (equally basic) is at my Florida apartment.  That one I bought on ebay a few years ago for almost nothing and it seems to be working fine.

Tomorrow, dentist and more taxes. Oh joy.


Lori R. said...

You have my sympathy about the tax man. It took me two weeks to organize my things to take to the accountant.

Linda Swanekamp said...

So excited for the upcoming classes! I have waited for almost a year to take these with you. I just can't figure out how much fabric to bring, how much is enough. I am not a good packer. Re-reading your book to get inspired!

Ann said...

Rayna, I really enjoy your blog & website. I'm coming from the west coast of Canada to NYC in early May & wonder if you or any of your followers can recommend any stitching related shops or events. Thanks
I sympathize about taxes as ours are due April 30.

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