Monday, March 31, 2014

Hudson River Valley

Internet has been spotty at best and after a power outage here yesterday, non-existent.  I'm at the beautiful Greenville Arms in upstate New York, teaching a three day Free-Form Design Spa workshop.

I drove up on Saturday and yesterday was the first day of class. It has been cold and rainy, but we are happy campers because we are sewing and designing. 

It is remarkable that in one day, there has been so much accomplished after starting completely from scratch.  I couldn't even pry them away from their machines for mid-afternoon cookie break!! Here are just a few of them on the design walls when class ended yesterday.  They need to be fine-tuned today and then, onward.

It is time for breakfast, so off to start day two.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Love them so far! Sounds like a good group, if they won't even stop for cookies!

Connie Rose said...

What fun, and what great work!

Julie said...

Your students are dedicated and what wonderful work they're producing!

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