Wednesday, April 20, 2005

another version

Originally uploaded by raynag.
The gray fabric was something I had rusted and it seemed appropriate for the subject. I gelatin plate printed on it and then screened with paint. But previously, I had played (more spontaneously, I think) with the same concept on a brighter piece of fabric on which I had originally used thickened dyes. to print with. I'm leaning toward the gray, but I don't know. Your two cents??

Meantime, I am off to bed - it's 1:am and I have to drive my husband to work at 7. I have one more piece on a different subject, but that can wait till morning.

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Karoda said...

Rayna, this is a hard choice...on one hand the red piece has more depth and is more hynoptic for me. The piece below however lends itself to reading the print.

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