Sunday, April 17, 2005

not my kitchen

kitchen1 Originally uploaded by raynag.

This smidgen of a sunny galley kitchen in a spacious-feeling 800 sq. ft Brooklyn apartment will, I hope, belong to my daughter and son-in-law. Their bid has been accepted and all that remains is the red tape to buy this 1.5 bedroom co-op(do not ask what a half-bedroom is in NY real estate language)in a pre-war building. They can grow herbs on the fire escape outside -- a true luxury! And the building has an elevator! Do I wish I were 30 years younger and moving into this funky urban neighborhood near Prospect Park? You bet! Ironically, so many kids are moving back into the very neighborhoods their parents and grandparents couldn't wait to leave.

My husband grew up nearby and paid $110/mo rent when he left for the 'burbs 40 years ago. Today, we stopped into an open house on our way to brunch. The apartment had one (count'em - ONE) bathroom, a postage stamp kitchen, 3 bedrooms carved out of one space and divided by french doors (privacy, anyone??) & an admittedly good sized living room. The bidding started at $689,000. Welcome to NY City, folks.

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