Sunday, April 17, 2005

my favorite room

Answering Diane Perrin Hock's question 'what's your favorite room in the house and why?' is a no-brainer. My studio. Small (about 10x14), cluttered (pictures in earlier posts) , with my classical music, art books, surface design magazines,files, slides, and a comfy chair with ottoman catty-corner to the design wall and a wall full of art. Some of the work is mine, other pieces are by laura cater-woods, Claire Fenton, Nikki Bonnett, Jette Clover, Marlene Cohen from the U.K., and Helene Davis. Google them and check out their work. A feast for the eyes and for the soul. My sewing macine is here, a bookcase loaded with fabric & books, as well as a trunk full of antique blocks I should probably sell on e-bay. And my cutting table, usually piled high with STUFF. Sometimes I actually work on that table. If I'm home, chances are 2:1 you'll find me here. And now that I have a laptop, I practically don't have to leave the room.

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Debra said...

Wow! YOu fit all that in a 10x14 room? I'm impressed. Hope the kids get the apartment... NYC prices seem to be about as insane as bay area prices.

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