Wednesday, April 13, 2005

more fun!

Betty-Ford-Nimble-Fingers4- Originally uploaded by raynag.
Betty is exclaiming about the fabric she is printing in my workshop -- what a fun and creative group of people from Nimble Fingers in Potomac, MD! The workshop was like a big play day, only we all learned something. They learned how to tape a screen; I learned that I am a lousy screen-stretcher and I should buy them already done. They learned they could do imaginative printing with 'found objects'; I learned where to buy sequin waste in Bethesda. The day after the workshop, I drove to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. It used to be an actual torpedo factory and 30 years ago they made it into artists' studios and galleries. I interviewed the staff and some of the artists and took a few pictures. My dream - to have a studio in such a place, where I can work happily alone in my studio but as part of an artists' community, so to speak. I'm working on it. Meantime, all this traveling and problems with Internet connection has kept me away from my blog. I promise to be better about posting now that I'm back home for a while.


teri springer said...

OMG! Is that the fabulous Betty Ford!!!! What IS that woman up to???


Debra said...

I missed you and your wacky sense of humor. Didn't know where you were.. and just kept hoping you'd come back.

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