Sunday, April 24, 2005


swatch-#1 Originally uploaded by raynag.
Tonight's blog and these swatches shall remain nameless. I'm getting these ready to send off to the Surface Design Association's swatch library and thought I should photgraph them before they go. Swatch #2(not here)is a piece from my first January blog entry, and #3 is a piece I made while demonstrating printing with found objects. SDA requires 12" square swatches, which is not easy for me because I have so many itsy bitsy or odd-sized pieces around. I cut these out from yardage and now I have odd sized pieces of these sitting around. I need to just do something with them. swatch-#3 Do you have a hard time using fabrics you printed? Do you let the fabric guide you or do you have an idea first and then rummage through your hand-printed fabrics to find appropriate pieces? This is something I will be discussing with one of my classes, so I'm taking an informal poll.


Becky said...

Usually ideas strike me first, then I go into desperation mode trying to find that perfect fabric. Which is why I tend to draw and paint my own thing as opposed to piecing it. I definitely need to expand my horizons!

Anonymous said...

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