Monday, April 25, 2005

scenic route

gillman-garbage Originally uploaded by raynag.
I live in a condo development and walking around here is very pretty, but boring. However, today is garbage & recycling day and as I walked, I had more to look at than just pavement and lawns. When I got home I took my Fosamax and had 1/2 hour to waste before I ate breakfast. So I took my camera and went back out to record what I had observed. Was I embarrassed to be caught by the handyman,taking a picture of my neighbor's trash? Nah. I just told him it was for an art project. (My standard line whenever I do anything weird.) Obviously, the leading photo is of our excessively neat garbage. (you can tell that my husband is in charge of this). We read a lot of newspapers: we get 2 daily and 3 additional weekly papers. I had to rescue a few this morning because I plan to print & steam silk scarves this afternoon. But I digress. Following are some of the other garbage piles I saw this morning, including 3 empty cases of wine from the neighbor whose garbage always ends up on my lawn. Notice some of the chic designer garbage bags and one nicely color-coordinated garbage, in addition to the spring cleaning types. And my favorite - the neighbor who wants to keep her garbage warm and cozy in this 40 degree, almost-May, weather.

spring-cleaning spring-cleaning2designer-bag2designer-bag1color-coordinated-gargage74-redux89-sullivan


Gerrie said...

This is hysterical! I used to love to look at everyone's recyclables. You could tell who were the drinkers or had a party and didn't invite you! But now we have single stream recycling so we have a big blue container like the garbage container that holds all of our recyclables. It is always fuller than the garbage can.

Debra said...

I like looking at your garbage. It reminds of what garbage used to look like.

Here, we are provided recepticals by the company: a brown one for trash, blue for recycling, green for green waste. Nothing else is allowed out, nor will anything else be picked up.

So boring... brown and blue one week; brown and green the next.

Rayna said...

Well, when I went out for my Thursday walk this morning the garbage was much more boring. Hardly any. Well, after THAT collection,how much more could people accumulate in 3 days??

What garbage used to look like? How sad. Of course, I remember the days when the garbage men came up your driveway to the back of the house, took the galvanized metal cans down to the street, dumped them and brought them back up again. Ha. have I dated myself, or what?

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