Friday, April 15, 2005

low tech

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I am waiting for the fabric I took out of this very fancy piece of equipment to go through the wash. While technically, you don't need to steam MX dyes on cotton, I do it anyway after I have written or screened with thickened dyes because i swear it makes a difference. Also, I love the smell of the steaming newspaper. Ok, so I'm nuts. I added some more text and writing to yesterday's fabric...which may or may not go into the breast cancer piece I am making. As soon as it is out of the wash and I've ironed it, I'll take a picture. adjust-o-matic-detail Meantime, I have this wonderful Adjust-o-matic sitting around. My sister-in-law is the yard sale queen and always keeps me in mind when she sees something. She brought me a nice wooden tjap she found, and about a year ago she brought me this wonderful Adjust-o-matic item. It has been sitting here because I can't decide what to do with it. I can't throw it out, it's too flimsy for display, so I have to make it into a piece of art. But what???adjust-o-matic Well, I've drifted from the steamer topic but I will come back to it in the next post.


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I'm interested in hearing what sort of difference you think it makes to steam the fabrics. Could you explain? Thanks,

Rayna said...

I steam my silk scarves and my cotton fabric after I have used thickened dyes on them. I swear the dye remains more vivid and has less wash out than if you just wash it out without steaming. Mind you, it is not strictly necessary --but I do it anyway.

Sonji Hunt said...

I love the adjust-o-matic dressform. I am crazy for dressforms!

PaMdora said...

I saw something like your adjustomatic at a flea market once and couldn't decide whether to buy it. When I went back later, it was gone, and I have always regretted it!