Saturday, May 23, 2009

what day is it?

The week has gotten away from me. I HATE when that happens! I have been moving my fabrics over to the studio little by little, but I don't think there is any ore room. I shall have to cut them up and give them away -- if I can find time to do it. I have been preparing for a special project I'm working on this weekend and I'm just hoping it is not 90 degrees again tomorrow or for the next few days. It has cooled down tonight and I'm keeping fingers x'd it stays this way. I've also been frantically dyeing/printing scarves to meet the request from one of my California venues that I bring a bunch with me. Here are a few I did yesterday. The first one is crepe de chine, deconstructed and then screened with text and music. The next two are chiffon. This one is dyed and screenprinted. This one was dyed, discharged, and screen printed.And finally, I have not been happy with the scarf below and finally decided I would discharge through a screen and see what happened.
Here is the result. Amazing, right? Thiox paste through a screen and then steamed.Here's what the whole thing looks like. I hated it before; now I love it.
I'm working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday in the studio. I will probably not have time to blog till my company has left on Wednesday, but we'll see. If you have a long weekend, enjoy it!


Minka's Studio said...

Yes, the last one is wonderful!

Eva said...

Chinese bronze...? Amazing piece, the last one. I love it!!!

Connie Rose said...

That last scarf IS amazing, Rayna! Did you print the discharge through a regular screen, or thermofax? Fantastic!

Diane said...

Beautiful pieces. I expecially love the first one!

Judy said...

Love those scarves! I'm so glad that you taught me (and the rest of the world?) about Thiox!