Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family celebration and an art link

Yesterday, my grandson David made his first communion and we were at the church, then back at the house for a wonderful party. Happily, the weather held so we could be outdoors. While I swore I would never get off-topic with grandkids and family event, I am allowing myself a bit of an indulgence and I hope you'll humor me. Here is the 8 year old kid before everything started, practicing to be a cool teenager or a magazine model. LOL.
And here he is with his little brother Jake and their parents Jeremy and Anne Marie. They're laughing and look relaxed - must have forgotten they were being photographed.
Later...with Nanny & Grandpa Uncle Mike and Aunt Hilary and THE CAKE!! (to die-for - chocolate cake & cannoli filling ) and finally, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jessica
There was tons of ice cream because Jeremy's best friend owns the Ben & Jerry's in Ridgewood, NJ. and he brought over his ice cream cart, filled to the gills. We took home a pint each of NY Superfudge Chunk and Coffee. I hate to say it, but I think their coffee is better than Hagen Dazs. ART - I promised an art link. Between the last paragraph and this one, I called my DIL Anne Marie to tell her what a fabulous party it was. She said she had meant to ask me whether I had heard of the artist Hanoch Piven (I hadn't). He is a mixed media artist who makes wonderful portraits using found objects (or collected items, or whatever he calls them). Long story short - He lives in Barcelona but was here for something else and one of the mothers tracked him down. He spent all day at David's school recently doing workshops with the kids and apparently it was a fabulous day! What fun! Cheered me right up to see the portrait of Bernie Madoff he has on his blog, which you can get to from his website. Go have a look - it'll make you smile.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Enjoyed the post with the family Rayna.
And to celebrate I had Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey - it was a hard decision as I could have had Cherry Garcia!

Eva said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like a harmonious day, and I love the kids' self esteem they express. And your smile!
The portraits are hilarious. How does he manage to get the similarity with such simple tools? Great link.

Judy said...

Love your family pics Rayna! And yes, David does look like a either a model or a teenager in that first pic! LOL He is very handsome. I was relieved to see him looking more like a kid in the other photos!


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