Tuesday, May 12, 2009

more on challenge - and an UPDATE

Lynn Mattingly just e-mailed me the piece in which she used my pink fabric. (approx 16" by 17") the quilt is a finger labyrinth. You can trace your finger on the labyrinth, one path in, which you turn and follow out again. the path is the background, the "walls" are formed by the lighter fabrics. Your fabric forms two arches into other spaces (VERY subtle) which is what labyrinths do. They can balance your left and right brains, and take you into meditative space.
It is, indeed, pacific and meditative. Thanks, Lynn!
Spurred on by the success of the challenge in my class (see previous post), I got busy in my studio yesterday while I was sorting through the mountains of cloth. Pulled out a piece I hadn't seen in ages and threw it at the wall. Then began auditioning. You probably know by now that this is how I work. On the wall, arrange, re-arrange, substitute, change proportions, and then sometimes, remove from wall and forget about it. Three of these fabrics have already been on the wall in other pieces which never quite came together. At any rate - to return to my original thought in the title of this post...looking at the first audition above, I realized I was working with only two colors (plus black, which doesn't count). "Hmmmm...," I thought, "what if I were to set myself a challenge to work with only two colors (plus black, if needed)? How crazy would I drive myself?" I think I'll explore the idea and find out. AND, to add to things, I have another piece of similar pink to the one I gave out and think I may (gulp) see if I can use it in a small piece. Am I biting off more than I can chew?? On another subject -- the other day I discovered the most elegant blog I have seen in a long time: Running With Scissors Studio. Running with Scissors Studio is a Canadian on-line shop (yes! Canadian readers- another beautiful source for fibre supplies and books) and this is their blog. There are engaging interviews with Linda and Laura Kemshall, as well as with Maggie Grey -- and I spent more than a bit of time reading them. When I clicked over to their shop, it was nice to see that they carry my book, along with some other beautiful and intriguing books I might like to get my hands on (as IF I need more books). Anyway, check it out - the interviews are fun to read! That's it for the moment. I have finally put the facing on my as-yet-unnamed blue and white (and black) whole cloth you all commented on recently. And I have another facing to do tonight while I contemplate what's on my wall. I brought it home because the rest of the week is fraught with appointments and I probably won't get to the studio for any length of time.


Eva said...

No name yet... Kandinsky was quite spartanic about that, he called his abstract paintings "Improvisation", "Composition" or "Red Oval", "White Edge" in order not to define contents, which indeed had contradicted his abstract intentions.

kathy said...

Rayna, i think this is gorgeous. Your colors are perfect and I particularly love the contrast with small and large patterns.

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