Wednesday, May 13, 2009

another challenge piece - or two??

These/this came in today from Jeanette Davis, who sent both the before and after of the piece she made for the fabric challenge from Grand Junction's class. According to Jeanette... There was an orange-yellow schmear across part of the pink that I included as part of the challenge. I added strips of a small pink scrap I found for the columns, a piece of dark blue screenprinted fabric from the class, then added a piece of blue guatemalan fabric that had pink designs with faint orange elements. (challenge 1), then decided to stamp over the pink-(challenge 2). Bottom line: she wasn't happy with the second piece, while I thought it picked up the African motif and toned down the pink nicely. Again - no two alike! Her choice of fabrics makes a great counterpoint to the other pieces and just shows again how exciting it is when people start with the same fabric and go in such diverse directions! What a great idea for an exhibit!

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Eva said...

If an exhibition isn't possible, perhaps these pictures could be shown together on a website?

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