Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hi honey, I'm home

Where's the snow??.

Back from gorgeous Whidbey Island, WA and the Coupeville Arts Center. Spring-- and everything in bloom, from cherry trees to wild currant bushes.The island is in Puget Sound and surrounded by water and mountains. A paradise! And I arrived just in time for the annual Penn's Cove Mussel Festival. What a treat.

The ferry's not in yet. Posted by Hello It was a fun week of teaching -- and what a great bunch of talented surface designers! We screened, stamped, transferred, and monoprinted. I was too busy teaching to make much fabric, but here are a few pictures of the beautiful and unique cottons and silks the workshop participants created... Miriam printing with found objects, Judi, my wonderful class assistant, chuckling at something I must have said. We did a lot of laughing along with the work. Miriam's concentration yielded a variety of wonderful results -- as did everybody's.

Bonnie, with the first layer or two on the table behind her. And then, below, the same fabric a couple of layers later.

Here's Miriam printing with found objects, and below, a sample of her original stamp, image transfer, and personal mark-making.

Originally uploaded by raynag.
IMG_0932 Originally uploaded by raynag.
Originally uploaded by raynag.

Ellen particularly loved the gelatin plate printing and here's one of her prints on paper.

Then, below, Jacki at work and an example of her fabric. Next, Jacki at work and an example of her fabric.

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