Thursday, March 03, 2005

March-ing along

Ouch. Corny. But I figured I'd better post before the month gets away from me. No pictures tonight - just words. Saturday morning at the crack of dawn I head for the airport and go to Whidbey Island, WA to teach a five-day surface design workshop. I'm excited -- and I expect that I will learn as much as I teach. My crit group met today and we discussed, among other things, the push-pull of family and studio; of needing to create and having life events that we can't control interfere with our creativity. Health, aging parents, kids, spouses, financial issues - there is no end to interruptions. Should we fight it or go with the flow? Shrug our shoulders and figure we'll get back to the studio when life lets us? Or gnash our teeth and go, kicking and screaming, to try and create? There's no right answer -- but what do you think?? How do you handle the vicissitudes?

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Alison Schwabe said...

the Life events that interfere - I prefer to think of them as moving alongside - in other words, I (have always tried to) go with the flow. In fact, my own catalogue of life events reads much as yours does, with the inclusion of frequent geographic locations tossed in - and has led me to title my current series of works "Ebb and Flow" - as somehow I have managed to create for many years now depsite, or alongside, the E's and F's. And as for piecing - now that REALLY calms me down - therapeutic, absolutely.

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