Wednesday, August 03, 2005

mystery plant

Sort of. I know it's a Snake Plant; I've had it for as long as I can remember. I don't even like snake plants but somehow this one reminds me of my grandmother, who had a bunch of them and who was always propagating them in little glasses of water all over the windowsills. But I digress...

These plants don't need sun or water and this one has been on the deck for a couple of months, getting some of both. You see that thing in the middle?? I have been watching it grow from the middle of the plant, and now it seems to be flowering. Any experts out there who can tell me if this is a teenage mutant plant?? It is weirding me out.



Valeri said...

Over here in England we call these 'Mother-in-laws tongue' plants and I have never had one that flowers but my daughter has which I felt was most unfair as I've had mine longer! LOL

Anonymous said...

You could look it up! I did for you, see:

(You can take the girl out of the library but you
cAn't take the library out of the girl)

Barbara at the Jersey Shore

smarcoux said...

eheh wierding you out they are called sansevieria and mother in laws tongue , long and sharp anyways here is a pic of one in bloom off the web
I dont think they bloom all that often this one says they only bloom at night?
Like many tropical plants, mother-in-law plant, Sansevieria trifasciata, blooms when the roots are crowded
good advise I think
Always wanted one myself, still dont have one.


Rayna said...

LOL - I knew I'd find some experts here! Thanks, everyone. I knew Sansevaria but had never heard Mother-in-law's tongue'. Being a mother-in-law myself, I'm not too sure I like that name. But now I know not to divide the plant or re-pot it. Cool.

Anonymous said...

These things grow wild, like weeds, out in the ditches in South Florida!

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