Thursday, February 09, 2006

color color color

How is your color memory? Mine is pretty good - I can see a color in my mind's eye long after I have stopped looking at it. But today I needed to go to the store to buy thread and I had to take my piece with me. For the most part, I work in colors that are not clear, not pure - but greyed or tinged with olive or somehow "off." But try to find threads that are 'off.' Not easy! This piece is 'off' and somewhat neutral. I was looking for a beige and a blue that would work with it: a nearly impossible task! Blue is a difficult color under the best of circumstances and I finally found the right blue among the greys. And I came home with 3 different beiges, all of which are ok with this piece and none of which I would have selected had I relied on memory alone. Uh - oh - am I losing it?
On another matter - I am trying to figure out ahead of time how I am going to stitch this piece. Making progress, and perhaps tomorrow I will actually get it finished.

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mary m. said...

Rayna, what kind of tool did you use to print this? It almost looks like a sunprint of a plant....very interesting

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