Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday, already?

Where has the week gone? In a little while, Marty and I are off to New York to the opening of Diane Savona's solo exhibit. If you haven't seen her amazing work, keep your eyes peeled..she's a rising star! While I work with found objects in one way - using them for printing -- Diane actually incorporates the physical objects into her work. And she is prodigious! My work is, to a great extent, about memory and loss - and hers is, too -- but in an entirely different - much more archeological way. On another matter, before I leave, here's an example of 'can this fabric be saved?' This dreadful piece of cotton that I dyed a few years ago, is the before. After I went to work on the piece with wax, discharge, and dye, here's the after. And now I'm outa here on my way to the Big City.

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Emmie said...

woo-woo. it's great!

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