Saturday, February 11, 2006

a fun day

Happily, the predicted snow held off till five minutes after class was over today. Hopefully, all the travelers who came from afar have gotten home safely by now. I always worry. Today was the soy wax workshop at the Arts Guild of Rahway, NJ and we all had fun.
Kendall Storm (below)

and Joanna van Ritbergen

drove down from Westchester County, NY and batik-d and painted their hearts out. I would never have guessed that this was the first time either of them had painted fabric, let alone doing batik. They waxed and painted and waxed and painted and waited till they got home to iron out the wax and wash the fabric - and I hope they will send me pictures when they are done.

Arlene Jacobs, who does all kinds of fiber work and is a member of the NY Textile Study Group, came out from NY City and was nonstop. I think she went home with more completed fabric than anybody! Here she is at work. Diane Carey came the longest distance: a couple of hours drive from somewhere in Northern Pennsylvania on the way to New York State. Diane has pretty much taught herself surface design and you can see the concentration she brings to her work. And then we have the two musketeers: the famous artist-website designer,Gloria Hansen, and the famous blogger, Mary Manahan, who is looking impatiently at the softball she put into the wax, waiting for it to get hot enough to stamp with. It never did. But hey, you never know. You gotta try everything! Right, Mary? Later in the day, they insisted that I do 'show and tell' and give a lesson in how to wrap fabric for steaming, just in case they decided to use dyes the next time they do batik. Somebody grabbed my camera and made me SMILE while I was showing them this batik piece I did with kitchen implements. Joanna wanted to buy it but I wasn't ready to part with it. However, I will eventually be putting some fabrics for sale on my other blog "Off the Design Wall." I just haven't gotten to it. Been too busy keeping my studio clean. All in all, a good day. I got home before the snow started to stick, but we did stay in tonight and eat leftovers rather than get stuck trying to get up the various hills we have around here.

So glad that tomorrow is Sunday. I have 3 electric skillets that still have wax in them and I simply have to use them up.


Dale Anne said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there for that class.......I have my soy wax and a little crockpot now just to be brave to start.

I love seeing how all the ladies worked on their pieces - THANKS for posting.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Looks like a fun day, Rayna.

mary m. said...


That piece is priceless, I'm glad you didn't sell it. Thanks for another fun day! Did you see Frances' blog? She was also batiking across the drink.

Your work is scrumptious!!!!

Rayna said...

No, I'll have to go visit Frances and see what she's doing. Yes, it was fun. Dale Anne - be sure and post your work when you're done.

Anonymous said...

Rayna loved your class. We all had such a good time. I'll send you pics when I am done...everything will have a use. Thank you!

Lin said...

OH HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrapmaker said...

I am so envious! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. I love the kitchen implements piece too. Jen

Judy said...

I'm so glad that the snow held off for you all! I was green with envy all day, knowing that not only was Mary M. having a day with you, but also my best cyber bud, Diane! Now that just ain't fair, y'all!! You guys did some pretty work...what else?....and I can't wait to have my week with you next Fall!!! WooHoo!!!

jenclair said...

I'd so love to take one of your classes - such cool fabric results!

Loved the pictures Mary M. posted on her blog of some of your pieces. Beautiful as usual!

Frances said...

Rayna, thanks for your comment on my blog, wish I could join your class but at least with the blogs I get to see some, love the photos looks like everyone had fun, I saw Gloria's post on QA and yours would love to see a pic of Gloria's yellow and fushia it looks fabulous, now of to Mary's blog to see her photos, thanks for oooodooles of inspiration,

Anonymous said...


How convenient the snow storm was!! I ironed all day long on Sunday. It took the equivalent of three Sunday Editions of the NY Times to get the wax out! I was very nervous about the results. Everything seemed a little brown and the images seemed to have a "ghost" of waxy residue around them. I persevered, and brought the fabrics to the sink where I prepared HOT water with some water softener and one drop of dish detergent. Wow! the results were amazing. Not only did it get ALL the waxy residue out, the color stayed in. I suppose all the heat setting in the process of ironing the wax out helped the color. I was really worried about the brownish color on the fabrics prior to washing them. But for no reason, as they came out beautifully!!

Pics will follow sometime later.


PS Thanks for a great class! I really felt such freedom to explore my "two year old self" The release of tension in being able to paint freely without anyone telling me if it was "good" or "bad" was great. You are a fantastic teacher.

Petit Patch said...

Magnifique! j'adore les imprimés colorés!

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