Saturday, September 09, 2006

a bundle in the mail

I really have no business sitting here and blogging: I should be finishing my packing, since tomorrow I am leaving for Denver to do a 4 day workshop for Front Range Contemporary Quilters. Two days of printing and two days of Jump-starting the Art Quilt, using some of the fabric we will be printing. I'm excited because Front Range has so many talented artists as members. I'm delighted that I'll be back in Denver, where I haven't been in a decade; and even happier that I'll get to take a day trip to Boulder: a town that still had dirt roads when I lived there in 1970-71. Given my druthers, I would never have come back to New Jersey. I was very happy in Boulder. I have to take a picture of 3250 O'Neal Circle, where we lived in a furnished apartment when my first two kids were 1-1/2 and 3-1/2. The apartment had a garbage disposal! What luxury! Nobody in NJ had garbage disposals back then, but the first thing I did when we came home was to put one in. Couldn't live without it. Still can't. BUT I DIGRESS... what came in the mail?

Sonji's Bundle Study #62 which I bought as soon as I saw it at Ayers Loft in Lowell last month. It is already on my studio art wall, brightening up the place. I can see that one of these days it will be time to redo the wall and reorganize my collection. On that wall, in addition to my own work and now, Sonji Hunt's,are pieces by Nikki Bonnett, Linda Colsh, Claire Fenton, Helene Davis, Laura Cater-Woods, Marlene Cohen, and Jette Clover. Karen Stiehl Osborne is in a different room...and I have some yummy postcards by other artists that I have to find a place for. In the meantime, it is a feast for the eyes.

I took down one of my own pieces, Luxury Lofts, so I could hang the Bundle: It is one of my favorites, which is image transfer and paint on canvas. Marty loves it and is going to take it into his office so he can look at it every day. Ok. A change of scene is good for everybody - and I don't want to ever sell that piece, so it's ok.


We all have pieces we don't want to part with, for whatever reason. The other piece I don't want to sell is Anniversary Waltz. don't ask me why - I just love that piece. It's 8"x8" and just moves me.


Do you have pieces you can't part with? Which ones, and why? It's the why that is so interesting: if you really think about it, you might gain some insights.


TALL GIRL said...

Rayna, I love that you collect other artists' work and fill your studio with it. Extremely cool!

We recently remodelled tearing out 1960's ash wallpaneling that my husband loved and I hated.
While putting artwork away, to store during the remodel, I found an old watercolor purchased decades ago. I loved it once, hid it away and now it has come back to life. It hangs in the new room and is spectacular once again.

Gerrie said...

I have a wall of quilts by some of the same artists! I need to get one of yours.

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