Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Good morning from Fort Collins. I'm at breakfast, trying to get some pix up before I run off to teach day two of the workshop. The workshop is at Fort Collins' Lincoln Center, which is a beautiful facility with theatre, galleries, and other cultural things. Here is an idea of the gardens surrounding the building.
Yesterday was such fun -- and what a wonderful, talented group of artists they are. Today we are doing gelatin printing -- but yesterday, the class screened, stamped, rubbed, and syringed to their hearts' content. Here is Elaine, working away. Here are some of the goodies that were drying as we left yesterday. Like being in a candy store!

Time to go to class. More, later.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Just like being a kid again!

Linda said...

Can I throw over this job and become your travel assistant?

Lisa Call said...

I'm slowly catching up on blogs after a pretty crazy month.

Welcome to Colorado - looking forward to seeing you on sunday!!

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